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homeshare stories

Louise's story

Ronald and Margaret's story

Ronald is in his eighties, living at home in the place he loves and wants to remain. Recently, however, Ronald had some falls at home. His confidence was shaken.

Ronald has friends and family who live locally. But he felt he could benefit from some support at home, especially overnight / early morning / later evening.

In the past, formal support has not met Ronald’s needs. It was not always available at times that suited Ronald.

Ronald wanted a consistent presence in his own home, low levels of assistance from time to time and some companionship.

Ronald has a house with more bedrooms than he needs. He approached HomeShare ACT to develop a matched and supported partnership.

Margaret is in her sixties with adult children living interstate. She was living in shared housing with people she had little in common and no shared interests.

Margaret wanted to move home. She was looking for somewhere local -- somewhere nice, safe and affordable. Margaret wanted a friendly shared-living environment offering companionship and conversation. Margaret was willing to offer some in-home support to the householder.

HomeShare ACT brought Ronald and Margaret together to discuss establishing a home-sharing partnership that could meet the needs of both people.

  • They decided the arrangement could work.

  • With input from the HomeShare project manager Ronald and Margaret reached agreement about what the home-share partnership would involve for each partner.

  • They signed a formal agreement developed with our assistance. It sets out the type and amount of support Margaret will provide. It specifies the reduced rent. 


Ronald and Margaret's home-share partnership began in April 2020. HomeShare ACT helps to maintain their new shared living arrangement with our ongoing support and assistance.

For more information about HomeShare ACT contact Lee Harrison, our Project Manager, here.

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