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HomeShare and NDIS ILO Co-residency from Community Connections

Are you looking to share your home and gain extra support or at-home companionship at the same time?

Or perhaps you are looking for a low-rent or no-rent housing option and would be willing to offer some in-home support or companionship to your housemate in return.

We match householders -- who are often people with disability or older people -- with home-sharers who agree to provide assistance with daily living supports (up to 20 hours per week). Home-sharers are not required to provide personal care, health care or administer medication.


We help meet people’s housing and support needs with:

  • Individual Living Options (ILO) co-residency (funded for eligible NDIS participants)

  • HomeShare ACT for non-NDIS participants, with or without disability, who live in the ACT

HomeShare seeks householders who have a spare private room and could benefit from a supporting housemate.

We work with potential householders and home-sharers to create a partnership that meets the needs of both individuals. We will:

  • help householders to find the right home-sharer.

  • introduce potential home-sharing partners to each other to decide if the partnership is the ‘right fit’ for both.

  • undertake police checks of the potential home-sharer at no cost to either partner.

  • establish an agreement between the partners.

  • provide ongoing support and monitoring of the arrangement.

  • assist homeowners to find new home-sharers when any partnership comes to an end.

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For information contact our Project Manager, Lee Harrison here.

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